Blomman’s Aesthetic Center, the center for beauty and wellness in Malmo


Blomman’s Aesthetic Center is a clinic that gives guaranteed answers to patients who are in need of assistance to have skincare and beauty treatments.  Their living testimonials are present to give results on how trustworthy they are to take care of your beauty needs.


Blomman’s Aesthetic Center is managed by Sahar Zarnegar who is also a certified nurse and licensed injection therapist who has a passion for sharing beauty with people.  With the clinic operating, they have made the scheduled bookings online easier and faster for their clients.  Because of their trusted after results, they have earned a 4.7-star rating from their client’s reviews, and Sahar, herself received praise from the client’s comments.  This is an indicator that their service is indeed recommendable.

Blomman’s Aesthetic Center built a strong reputation with its hundreds of before and after results. All their results are readily available to see from their own website and social media pages to see the big improvement in the clients’ cases from the consultation day up to the after-treatment result.  They are very much concerned when it comes to customer satisfaction.  Whenever a customer comes in for a consultation, they make sure that they tailor the treatment to what the client exactly needs to correct.  They also offer several beauty treatment procedures in order to give the best results for the appearance and well-being of the clients. 

Blomman’s Aesthetic Center created a harmonious and friendly environment at their clinic to give a good and relaxing ambiance and a comfortable feeling to their clients.  Moreover, they have a number of beauty experts in the clinic that attend and gives free consultation to the clients and carefully study the client’s situation, understand their lifestyle, what is their requirement and what would they want to achieve after results in order to provide the well-recommended procedure for each case.  After the client’s approval, the treatment goes, and the after results are amazing.

Blomman’s Aesthetic Center is a clinic situated in Malmo, Sweden, though they made their booking facility much easier as they partnered with Boka Direkt to have a seamless booking process along with the prices in each treatment session.  On the same page, clients’ reviews as well are visible along with their experience testimonials with the clinic staff and all.   Blomman’s Aesthetic Center is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm while on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm.  For any interest in a free consultation and appointment bookings, kindly visit

Author: Scandinavian Virtual Assistants